Webinar - Availability of Frameworx 17.0 for Microsoft Visio, Sparx Enterprise Architect and Software AG ARIS

This webinar is about the availability the TM Forum Frameworx version 17 for modeling tools from Microsoft (Visio), Sparx Systems (Enterprise Architect) and Software AG (ARIS). The content of Frameworx can be loaded into those tools as diagrams and model, navigated to explore the details for Frameworx and be used as a best-practise to model the architecture of an organisation.

Frameworx is a framework based on eTOM, SID and TAM models. Its intellectual property is owned and the content managed by TM Forum (www.tmforum.org). TransWare is a member and partner of TM Forum and translates the actual Frameworx content to different modeling tool formats and their specific configurations. The recording of the 30min webinar (see below) gives an overview of the Frameworx version 17.0 used within the tools

The Frameworx content is delivered with visual diagrams and the meta-data. The diagrams are linked together for the decomposition of the architecture (drill-down from higher levels to lower levels of the model). For Enterprise Architect and ARIS, the specific object model database is delivered. For Visio, only the diagrams with the shapes and assigned meta-data is available. TransWare has an option to use Visio together with a model database.

The tool-specific data format and configuration can be licensed from TransWare. The configuration is the meta-model and tool specific notation (look & feel), e.g. for Enterprise Architect a Frameworx specific MGD configuration, for ARIS the Filter designed for Frameworx.

Topics of the next webinars will be

  • Frameworx 17.x for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
  • Frameworx 17.x for Software AG ARIS
  • Using Frameworx eTOM to generate test cases for HP ALM
  • Process Performance Publishing of KPIs with eTOM
  • Next Frameworx release on Microsoft Visio


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